The Composite Materials Group at KU Leuven is a world known research group developing fiber reinforced polymer materials and especially nano-engineered polymer composites. Its research over the years has led to the development of integrated design tools, comprising theory, algorithms and software for simulation of architecture and mechanical properties of textiles and fibre reinforced composites at different scales. KU Leuven is #1 on Reuter’s list of most innovative universities. In this project, the expertise of the investigators L. Gorbatikh (continuum modelling, microscale) and D. Seveno (discrete modelling, nanoscale) will be combined to provide a comprehensive view of the interactions between rGO and polymer matrices at small scales.

KU Leuven will develope nanoscale and microscale models of graphene modified compounds and fibres. The focus will be on the effects of graphene on electrical, thermal and mechani-cal properties. The team will also contribute to experimental tasks related to characterization of morphol-ogies of graphene networks. The latter serve as input data for the models.

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