The Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University is one of the largest textile research facilities in Europe and the world and well-known in industry and academia. Especially due to the interdisciplinary nature of the institute and RWTH Aachen University, progress in project and knowledge generation can be boosted significantly. Another great advantage is the close collaboration with textile industry which is important for avoiding of ivory-tower research far away from industrial demands. Furthermore, ITA is in direct neighborhood to the physics’ department of RWTH Aachen which is already part of the core Flag-ship consortium by the contributions of the research groups of Prof. Markus Morgenstern and Prof. Christoph Stampfer. The combination of salient competence in natural science and basic research on the one hand, whilst performing applied materials research and development with tight bonds to industry will strongly contribute to the project goals and the expected impact of the project on national and European scale.

At ITA, several studies have already been performed to understand the behaviour of CNT in polymer matrix materials, which will be used as basis for the scheduled project goals. ITA will carry out melt-spinning trials at lab-, pilot- and technical scale and the fibre analysis required afterwards.

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